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Ducky Buried in Sand

漢字名: TOKIO

While still writing and editing my fanfic... I have decided to put up the order of the strokes to their names! However, I won't put up the meanings of the kanji or any of that stuff... because my knowledge is not that great... and as for the pronunciations... you can figure that out yourself if you're a true fan... So now first off is TOKIO!!!

Let's start off with Joshima Shigeru!!!

Yamaguchi Tatsuya

Kokubun Taichi

Matsuoka Masahiro

And lastly, but not least, Nagase Tomoya!!!

Hmm... I think I'll have to fix this kind of thing... to make them all equal... but I'm too lazy to do that... but whatever... I'm leaving this like this... just click them and it'll give you a better view...