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Ducky Buried in Sand

漢字名: NEWS

Mmm... one of the groups that I find are at the bottom of my favorite list... xD not that I hate them or anything... they're just too quiet for their own good... not a very talkative group... nor an active group much either... I don't even know if they ever did have a variety show with all of them as host like what TOKIO, V6, KinKi Kids, 嵐, 関ジャニ∞, and KAT-TUN does... I think even Hey!Say!JUMP are going to be host of Shounen Club this time... actually the only other group that I'm not sure is タッキー&翼... xD Whatever... but if they did have one, then don't hesitate to tell me about it!
As the oldest in the group, Koyama Keiichiro, I think he is the nicest in the group from what I have seen...

Now there's one person in the group that I think is really similar to me when he wakes up... the way his stomach digests... xD You gotta love Masuda Takahisa for that!

Hmm... is Kato Shigeaki really considered an elite? Well, I'll never know... will I? However, I think it's great that he thinks that way about himself!

Lastly is Tegoshi Yuya... I don't really like him much... he's my least favorite in NEWS... but his voice is nice, I admit...