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Mar. 3rd, 2011

Ducky Buried in Sand

Ch. 2 - Murakami Shingo

THE EIGHT: Chapter Two – Murakami Shingo

He was at the park. Why? He had no idea. Maybe just for some fresh air? But whatever…

He sat down on a bench, watching several kids play baseball.

Then, as he was leaving, a baseball came flying by, almost hitting him in the face.

As a result, he somehow got dragged into the playing baseball with the kids after chasing them around for ALMOST hitting him in the face with the ball.

He was in batter mode now, waiting for the ball to come.

The ball was pitched and Murakami hit it.

The ball flies.

The ball flies far.

The ball flies really far.

The ball flies too far out… of the park.

Everyone stopped chasing the ball, just watching it disappear somewhere.

While they watched on, Murakami ran through all the bases, shouting, “YES!!” in the end, which snapped everyone’s attention back to him.

Lots of shouts of “Aw man!” and “He made a home run!” from the other team, while there were cheers of “Yay!!” from Murakami’s team.

Just as he was going to continue playing, Yasuda Shota came out of no way like a ninja and dragged him away.

“Oi oi! Let go of me! Why d’you pull me away? I was just getting started!” exclaimed Jacky, as they neared the club.

“I needed help moving this into the club,” he replied, pointing at the grand piano that was sitting in front of their club’s entrance way.

Murakami tsukkomied Yasuda for buying a piano and not being able to move it in by himself.

“Why d’you buy then if you can’t move it in by yourself? As far as I remember, you can’t even play it. How much was it?”

“Eh, I saw it in this store that I passed by and it was really really beautiful that I just had to buy it. And don’t worry about the price, it was quite cheap for something this beautiful…,” Yasuda said, eyes glittering, while admiring the beauty of the piano. “It’s a masterpiece, no?”

“Mmm… now that I look at it more closely… yeah it does. But where’re you gonna put this? In your room? ”

“Nah,” Yasuda gave him a bright wicked smile, “I’m gonna put it near my DJ station, so that I can look at it every time I want to!”

“But there’s not gonna be enough room for guests to come in! In fact, it’ll decrease our guest sizes! Return it!”

“Too bad! I can’t! It’s non-refundable! Besides, the owner looked like he wanted to get rid of it!” explained Toppo, getting angry.

“Argh! Fine!” Murakami gritted his teeth and lifted the piano up without a thought of help from Yasuda.

Leaving Yasuda behind, Murakami brought the piano into the club.

Jacky left a wide eyed Yasuda behind… carrying the piano alone… all by himself… into the club… without a single hint or a sign on his face saying that piano was heavy.

496 words

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Feb. 24th, 2011

Ducky Buried in Sand

Ch. 1 - Yokoyama You

A/N: This is my first time writing a KanJani8 fan-fiction... so go easy on me... I'm currently looking for someone to beta-ed... but somehow I think it'll end up as my sister that will do that... but if you have suggestions... please feel free to comment...

THE EIGHT: Chapter One – Yokoyama You

As perverted as he was, Yokoyama You, also known as Mac, knew he wasn’t seeing oppais everywhere in his room; it just want possible.

Not that he minded; it just wasn’t plausible.

So he shook his head, to clear his mind and looked around again.

Yep, definitely not seeing things in his room right now; it was just his imagination.

Just as he was going to grab some bathroom necessities to shower, his stomach started growling.

“Mmm… I’ll grab a purin or a banana right after I shower, stomach, okay?” trying to coax his stomach to wait.

And showered he went, or at least, he was going to.

Only problem was that there was a giant purin in the shower.

Not that he didn’t like that either, it’s just that wanted a shower really badly because of the job the he and his group of friends had received.

But just seeing the purin there made his stomach growl more hungrily.

The more he thought of purin, the more purin popped up in the room.

“Argh!! Stop! Stop! Stop!” Yokoyama screamed, his hands pulling at his hair with eyes closed.

After he stopped his shouting, during which Maruyama Ryuhei and Shibutani Subaru had rushed in to see what the commotion was about.

“What happened? What happened?” questioned Maruyama, peering into the bathroom curiously.

“Mac, what is it?” asked Shibutani, while looking alert everywhere with his handy guns ready.

“There’s purin everywhere! Purin! Purin! Make them disappear! It’s making me hungry!!”

“What purin? Where? What purin? I don’t see any purin in here!” says Maruyama, looking everywhere now.

“Open your eyes, you idiot, and stop screaming. There’s nothing in here. You’re being ridiculous,” and with that, Shibutani rolled his eyes and walked away.

Maruyama tried to stifle his laughter, but failed in the end as, he too, walked away.

Yokoyama opened his eyes, “EH!? Where did they go!?”

This made Maruyama laugh even harder when he heard his exclamations.

“You’re probably just tired and hungry, Mac,” Maruyama told Mac from the living room, “Get some food and rest after you shower, okay?”

Eh!! I could’ve sworn there were purin in here.

Poor Yokoyama, he must have been really tired to be imagining things…

After he finished showering, he went to the fridge that was behind the bar table in the living/dining room.

As he opened the fridge, he reached in to find nothing!

Yokoyama gasped and searched everywhere really hard for his precious purin in the fridge.

“It’s not there! Where’s my purin!?” shouted Yokoyama, starting to get really frustrated and irritated.

He started to stalk off elsewhere when he saw small, VERY tiny specks of purin trailing towards the exit.

And he follows the trail.

The trail led him outside and around the corner of the building… to some stray cat… that was eating his last purin!


481 words

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